What is the patio lounge in your mind


What is the patio lounge in your mind There are many be […]

What is the patio lounge in your mind

There are many beautiful longings for the patio lounge set. Simply put some flower stands and some green plants, just a little bit of level. Parasol, beach chair, small coffee table. Having a terrace is really a very happy thing. You can make it your own back garden. It is also a good choice to plant flowers and plants. You can blend into the beautiful nature and sit on the terrace to watch the sunrise and sunset in the distance.Cheap Price Outdoor Patio Furniture PE Wicker Rattan Chaise Lounge Simple Style

After a few large trees or shrubs have a basic garden layout, plan the remaining flower beds as much as possible, interplant a variety of plants, and the flowers and trees complement each other, so that the garden will be very beautiful and colorful.

It is recommended to plant more simply. Don’t think about building a pool or rockery. Simply put a few shelves and put some potted plants on the shelves. First, go to the flower and bird market to buy some nutritious soil peat. The natural soil is too heavy and it is not particularly hygienic. It is easy in summer. Worm out.

Plants are planted around, and tables, chairs, and parasols are placed in the middle. When the weather is good, enjoy tea and flowers. Use containers to grow flowers and plants for easy movement.