What is the difference between spray painting and powder spraying of outdoor tables and chairs


Paint spraying and powder spraying are two completely d […]

Paint spraying and powder spraying are two completely different coating methods. Paint spraying uses compressed air to disperse liquid paint (commonly known as paint) into paint mist particles that adhere to the surface of the object to be coated, while powder spraying uses compressed rattan sofa manufacturer air to supply powder. Under the action of high-voltage static electricity, particles dispersed into powder mist are adsorbed on the surface of outdoor tables and chairs to be coated by electric field.

The correct name for powder coating is electrostatic powder coating. It is difficult to do this with a spray gun. The electrostatic powder spraying device consists of a powder supply cylinder (powder supplied with compressed air), a high-voltage electrostatic generator and an electrostatic spray gun. There are mainly outdoor powder and indoor powder. The indoor powder is mainly epoxy resin type, and the outdoor powder is mainly polyester resin type. And paint are basically two components.

Spraying requires a water curtain cabinet or a dry spray booth, because 30-40% of the paint is wasted. This paint also needs processing. The processing cost is about 0.5 yuan/square meter. The powder utilization rate is basically 100%. Circulating gas indoor emission, no process cost; paint contains formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances that are more harmful to workers, secondary spraying increases a lot of manpower and material resources; powder sprayed workpieces: thick coatings, which can cover the inability to spray paint Some imprints of realization. In addition, the cured powder coating is hard and difficult to touch, and the mechanical equipment has higher performance.