What are the correct selection of outdoor furniture materials and maintenance skills


There are many outdoor furniture materials, but if you […]

There are many outdoor furniture materials, but if you want to choose high-end atmosphere, outdoor furniture manufacturers recommend choosing wood with higher oil content. Usually, most of the wood is fir, pine, teak, etc.

If you choose metal outdoor furniture, you should choose painted or waterproof aluminum or alloy materials. If you choose outdoor furniture made of bamboo and rattan, it should be decided according to the specific situation.

Foldable outdoor furniture is more flexible to use and does not take up set   Foldable outdoor furniture, whether made of wood or iron, can be easily made by connecting furniture. This makes it easy to store furniture in harsh climates. If you want to travel, you can easily take it away.

In addition, rattan, plastic, aluminum alloy and inflatable outdoor furniture are light in weight, have moisture-proof, moth-proof and rain-proof characteristics, and are easy to move and beautiful in shape.
Outdoor furniture manufacturers tell everyone that as long as the furniture is placed outdoors, there are usually two protection principles: one is to avoid wind and sun as much as possible, and the other is to protect the surface of the furniture from man-made damage.

In addition, the surface of iron furniture is basically electroplated or oxidized. The material itself has strong mechanical properties and is not easy to wear, so it is widely used. Pay attention to anti-rust treatment when choosing. The anti-oxidation protective layer on the surface of iron furniture is easy to wear. Avoid collision with the furniture surface during use.

The surface of solid wood furniture will be treated with wax or paint and preservatives. Do not use strong acids and alkalis when scrubbing to avoid personal injury and paint film damage. As for rattan utensils, its durability is poor, so we should make full use of its portability and try to pack it when not in use, otherwise the service life will be short.