How to create a leisure atmosphere for outdoor furniture


  Outdoor furniture is a derivative product of the […]


Outdoor furniture is a derivative product of the furniture field. In the past, when we mentioned furniture, we often thought of sofas, tables and chairs at home... However, with the development of the industry and the expansion of the market, new products in a field often appear, just like computers. The development of technology and people's needs have made computer products new generation after generation.

Now, with the infiltration of Western ideas and the improvement of people's living standards, people are beginning to know how to create a comfortable outdoor living space, so this kind of "outdoor furniture" is emerging in the market. Many outdoor furniture suppliers have said that outdoor furniture has begun to enter the lives of thousands of people.

Sometimes, a supporting role is needed to create a casual atmosphere. For example, all major furniture markets have launched a variety of outdoor "supporting role" furniture, such as drum stools, wooden wells, beer barrels...Some "supporting roles" actually It does not have practical significance, it is just a space embellishment, like a well made of wood imitation, which is a decoration in the courtyard, creating a rustic feeling; and European-style beer barrels are mostly used in bars, or Place it next to outdoor leisure tables and chairs as a foil, highlighting a kind of taste.

With the continuous extension of modern living spaces, people have new requirements for the performance of furniture. Outdoor furniture provides more choices for people to return to nature, which not only meets the needs of open spaces for outdoor leisure and relaxation, but also creates outdoor private spaces for people.

There are many factors to consider when designing a house, and the selection of interior furniture will be based on the principles of integrity and coordination. Because outdoor furniture is not hindered by the four walls, there is no specific style of detail agreement, which gives outdoor furniture designers more creative inspiration, and all people-oriented is the core idea advocated by the designer.

The shape design of outdoor furniture pays more attention to people's inner feelings, mostly with streamline, arc, leaves and flowers as themes, giving people a feeling of being close to nature, and giving outdoor furniture a poetic beauty and temptation. Its design principles are based on the two major benchmarks that conform to the human body curve and its own material properties. The smoothness and rhythm of the overall shape allow the body and the soul to fit perfectly and get the best sense of belonging. On the basis of certain standardized parameters, designers will continue to improve and innovate with the development of technology, which will affect the combination of outdoor furniture performance and size, aesthetics and ergonomics.

Compared with the gorgeous colors and new materials, the trend of returning to the original and capturing the nature continues to have a fever. In the traditional wooden furniture, after technological improvement, it also has a high degree of artistic creation. The texture of materials such as cotton, linen, bamboo, and rattan is also more delicate. These unique material design styles are also the development trend of outdoor furniture design in the future.