Outdoor furniture knowledge introduction: teach you how to buy beach chairs


In the outdoor furniture industry, the beach chair in o […]

In the outdoor furniture industry, the beach chair in outdoor furniture products is also called a recliner, which is about a bed. It is one of the necessary household appliances for many leisure people and friends who pursue avant-garde and nature. How much do you know about the product knowledge of recliners?

 1. The height of the recliner, the height of the recliner outdoor furniture factory depends on the height of the legs of the chair. Except bar chairs, other ergonomic heights are planned according to ergonomics, and the height of children's furniture is planned according to the height of the child.

2. The depth of the beach chair. In formal places, due to polite sitting posture, only one-third of the chairs can be made. But in their leisure time, everyone lies on the chair and feels the comfort in all directions.

3. The height of the backrest of the recliner If you sit in the correct sitting posture, you can choose a chair without armrests. You can increase comfort by resting the backrest completely on the back of the chair. Therefore, the height of the seat back must be considered.

4. For recliners with armrests, consider the height of the armrests when planning. The height of the armrest is proportional to the height of the backrest, not too high or too low. It should move about 20-25 cm.

5. Whether the line of the beach chair is comfortable when it touches the human body, whether the cushion is soft enough, the chair without cushion or the chair without cushion, whether the layout of the chair is healthy, whether the line is smooth, then, when you lie down, please check you directly Whether it is comfortable physically and mentally.

6. The degree of integration of all chairs (not recliners) should be considered. The hardness of all chairs can be seen from the details of the chair and the degree of rivets. Of course, the method is to shake the chair to feel whether the chair itself is swinging and the layout is stable and reasonable.

The knowledge of the process of buying beach chairs is just like the above points, but the sand beach lounge chairs produced by outdoor furniture are processed by different materials, each has its own strengths, and when you buy it, you can place it in the garden according to the home style. Place it on site to choose the style you are satisfied with. At the same time, you can also choose sand beach chairs with different lines and styles according to your needs.