What is the reason why the outdoor furniture market is forming


With the consumption upgrade of the furniture market an […]

With the consumption upgrade of the furniture market and the growth of consumer leisure demand, outdoor furniture plays an increasingly important role in leisure life. The style, design, material and type of products have been significantly improved. A huge outdoor furniture market is form.

Consumers’ outdoor leisure demand is one of the areas where demand has grown rapidly in recent years. This has long been paid attention to by savvy businesses. As soon as the summer enters, many furniture stores have launched outdoor furniture promotion advertisements, and outdoor furniture is the current main push Even department stores and large supermarkets have launched a special sale of outdoor furniture.

In a Beichang, this comprehensive shopping mall that usually does not sell furniture, has opened up an outdoor leisure area, furnished with outdoor furniture, camping tents, barbecue stoves and other outdoor leisure products. This area has become one of the most crowded places in the entire store. Many consumers gathered around, flipping through the price tags from time to time to experience the feeling of sitting in an outdoor folding chair. The yearning and impulse to think of outdoor camping and leisure was written on their faces.
To cater to the outdoor leisure needs of customers, outdoor folding seats, tents, portable awnings, etc. are displayed and sold together to attract and stimulate customers' desire to buy. Guided by market demand, we adhere to the design concept of decorative aesthetics and practicality, breaking the traditional wicker chair design, and mostly taking linear, arc, plant and other shapes as themes to create a comfortable space expression. Secondly, based on conforming to the human body curve and its own material attributes, it creates a rhythmic overall shape, which allows the body and soul to fit perfectly, and conveys a casual and comfortable home mood.

Outdoor furniture mainly includes four categories of products: urban public outdoor furniture, outdoor leisure furniture for courtyards, outdoor furniture for commercial places, and portable outdoor furniture.

The consumption boom of outdoor furniture is inseparable from the current general trend of outdoor leisure. Camping, barbecue, or drinking tea and chatting with friends outdoors, and enjoying outdoor leisure life in leisure time has become the lifestyle of more and more urban people. The yearning for rural life has also become a fashion in urban life. . In addition, in recent years, real estate developers have used terraces and gardens as highlights in urban buildings. They have packaged the top and first floors into naturalistic or casual styles or introduced balconies and residential gardens, making courtyard life more and more popular. The dream of living at home has also contributed to the huge demand for outdoor furniture.