What is the difference between indoor furniture and outdoor furniture


We usually pay more attention to indoor furniture. In f […]

We usually pay more attention to indoor furniture. In fact, outdoor furniture has played a huge role in improving the quality of our lives. Think about it when you are walking outside, tired and having a comfortable chair, is it a very happy thing.

Indoor furniture and outdoor furniture are not only different in name and location, but also in materials, manufacturing, and colors. Outdoor furniture has high requirements for materials. It must be resistant to corrosion, moisture, acid, patio lounge set  alkali and sunlight. In addition, in order to protect the natural environment and improve the durability of materials, many outdoor furniture manufacturers now choose man-made composite materials. The material can be reused, and the damage to the surrounding environment is small.

Manufacturing from manufacturing, weaving or using rattan weaving is an impression of most consumers of outdoor furniture. Therefore, most outdoor houses today are imitating rattan weaving. From a functional point of view, the functions of indoor furniture are very complex, not only have the functions of rest and entertainment, but also have the functions of work, negotiation and even carrying other items, while the functions of outdoor furniture are relatively simple, mainly focusing on leisure and entertainment. As a result, most of the outdoor furniture we see is full of luxury and romance. The use of outdoor furniture in certain literary works is more important for showing identity and status.

Nowadays, with the increase of domestic residents' income and the increase of leisure and entertainment demand, outdoor furniture has attracted more and more attention. As the industry insiders said, in people's living environment, the first thing to pay attention to is the living room. Later, the bedroom, kitchen, dining room and bathroom entered the designer's vision. Now it's their turn to the balcony. Once the balcony develops, outdoor furniture will greatly develop.

With the improvement of the Chinese people's living standards, the improvement of their cultural level and the frequent exchanges with other countries, the domestic demand for garden leisure furniture will increase. In particular, the country's leisure economic concept and policies to stimulate domestic demand have greatly promoted the development of the industry.