What are the materials of common garden furniture


What are the materials of common garden furniture The m […]

What are the materials of common garden furniture

The material of garden furniture varies according to the type of furniture. Generally speaking, the styles of garden furniture outdoor are European style and Chinese style. European style garden furniture often uses iron art, while Chinese style garden furniture prefers materials such as rattan and wood. In addition, there are materials such as aluminum products. Iron, aluminum, and wood are three common materials.SGS 4pcs high quality Alu Outdoor Sofa

  1, iron garden furniture

  Iron garden furniture is relatively heavy, and long-term outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain, it is easy to rust and chalk; the advantage of iron garden furniture is that the quality is firm, heavy and will not be easily blown away by the wind.

  2. Rattan and wooden garden furniture

   Wooden garden furniture is more susceptible to erosion than iron, and it is not easy to clean. But its advantage is that wooden tables, chairs, recliners and other natural, environmentally friendly, sitting on more comfortable than cold metal.

  3, aluminum garden furniture

  Aluminum is a popular furniture material. Aluminum is lighter than iron, not easily corroded, not rusty, and easy to clean.
3 Garden furniture prices

   Garden furniture is usually sold in sets. Usually in the form of a set of tables, chairs or sofas. Generally speaking, in the current market, the price of garden furniture fluctuates widely, ranging from 2,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan. The biggest factor affecting the price of garden furniture is the brand. Garden furniture, as a product for villas, manors, or outdoor places such as golf courses, is a high-grade leisure consumer product. It was first introduced from abroad. Therefore, most high-end brands belong to Europe and the United States, and the price is naturally very expensive. The price of an ordinary set of garden furniture is around 2,000-4,000 yuan, usually including one table and three chairs, or one table and three sofas.