What are the main factors affecting PE rattan outdoor furniture


1. The quality of PE rattan, 2. The thickness of the al […]

1. The quality of PE rattan, 2. The thickness of the aluminum tube, 3. How much material is used, 4. Labor costs, etc.

The difference between PE rattan materials: 1. The PE rattan we usually use is 20 yuan/KG. Good PE rattan, because of the firm weaving, and the high hardness and strength of the material itself, good flexibility, fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance, it will not be deformed or deteriorated when used outdoors for two or three years. 2. The price of poor PE rattan is much cheaper. You can buy it at 9 yuan/KG on the market, rattan sofa manufacturer but the poor rattan tends to become loose during the weaving process, the weaving is not strong, and it is easy to crack and deteriorate when placed outdoors. . The wall thickness of aluminum tubes we commonly use is 1.0-1.2MM, and some factories use 0.8MM in order to save costs. However, the wall thickness of aluminum tubes will determine the later life and stability of the product. We pay more attention It is the quality of the product. The amount of material used is also determined by the style. Some models only need 1KG, and some models may require 3KG, so the price is reflected here. In the compilation process, for some products that take longer to complete, the labor costs are relatively high. For some more difficult styles, the unit price we pay to the workers will also be relatively high.

In order to better reflect the comfort and beauty of PE rattan outdoor furniture, some products are also added, such as cushions, backrests, pillows, and tempered glass. For seat cushions and backrests, we usually use polyester waterproof cloth + sponge (38 density). The pillow is made of polyester waterproof cloth + doll cotton. Tempered glass is generally used on tables and coffee tables. The table is generally 8mm thick, and the coffee table is generally 5mm thick tempered glass. The tempered glass can also be sprayed in other colors. The specific situation depends on the customer's preference. Compared with indoor furniture, the most prominent feature of outdoor furniture is the use of materials and the internal frame structure.

High-end outdoor furniture should consider the erosion of the furniture by ultraviolet rays, extreme high and low temperatures, changes in climate and humidity, weak acid and weak alkali, so for outdoor furniture, the choice of materials must fully consider its resistance to natural weather conditions outdoors Tolerance. The choice of the internal frame of the furniture is also an important aspect. The use of light alloy materials is the primary factor to facilitate mobile layout outdoors. In addition, the metal frame of outdoor furniture is best formed at one time and minimizes the number of solder joints, which is beneficial to maintain stability while reducing The external natural conditions affect it and deform it, and the rattan dining chair is more perfect.