How to use outdoor leisure furniture to decorate your own courtyard


Although there is no opportunity to get closer to natur […]

Although there is no opportunity to get closer to nature in a prosperous city than in the countryside, if you have your own courtyard in the city, you can also get close to nature and breathe fresh air through the decoration of outdoor leisure furniture. How to use it How about outdoor leisure furniture decorating your own courtyard?

1. Parasols Install a parasol in my courtyard. Actually, it is quite useful. In the hot summer, garden furniture outdoor if I want to do something in my courtyard, but the ultraviolet rays of the sun are too strong, so I can't do it. We can buy a parasol and put it in the courtyard, and if you have the habit of taking the shade at night, then the parasol can also help you to cover some leaves and other dirt, so that you can look at the night sky comfortably The stars are free from outside interference.  
2. Deck chairs Arrange a deck chair in the garden. The elderly at home can lie down on the deck chair in the morning, listen to the opera on the radio, and breathe in the fresh air. This makes the elderly feel so relaxed. Moreover, if there is a swimming pool at home, in the afternoon. You can also enjoy the good time in the afternoon. 3. Leisure tables and chairs   Whenever the Chinese New Year holidays, the family sits on a table and happily chats about some interesting things in life. What a sense of reunion! 
4. Put a few flower boxes in the flower box and put them in the yard. They plant flowers and plants. Old people usually like to water the flowers and plants in the morning in the old age to relax themselves for a week, not to mention the plants in the garden. The inside can also play a role in purifying the air, and can also make the eyes of people who look at the phone for a long time get a relaxed state.