If you bought a terrace, how would you design it?


If you bought a terrace, how would you design it? Compa […]

If you bought a terrace, how would you design it?

Compared with other spaces in the home, patio furniture manufacturer the terrace is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. If the waterproofing works are not done well, there will be continuous troubles during the residence period. The most typical ones are rain and water leakage.

Many people like to use natural materials, such as laying wooden floors, to achieve natural harmony with the outdoor environment. However, ordinary wood floors are difficult to resist the erosion of mold, rain, etc., and are extremely perishable. Therefore, taking waterproof measures and using waterproof sheets can avoid a lot of worries.

In some posters for terrace design, in addition to sofas, green plants, umbrellas are the most essential.

Large parasols can not only provide protection from wind, rain, and sun, but also create an extreme holiday-like romantic feeling.

Many people say that the balcony of other people's home is like a sky garden, but how can they keep the gloss outdoors.

When choosing furniture, choose Metasequoia, pine, rattan and iron furniture, which are exquisite in appearance and of good quality, which can withstand bad weather.

In addition, some professional outdoor furniture can even have storage functions in addition to being waterproof and easy to clean.

Of course, many people don't like open terraces, but they like a sunny lifestyle, so it is better to choose a terrace sunny design.

The glass roof is transparent, and the indoor and outdoor scenery is panoramic. A simple and comfortable home with good flowers and green plants can fully satisfy your desire for a romantic home.