How should outdoor gardens match furniture to have both practicality and beauty


Because the open outdoor terrace is not sheltered, it n […]

Because the open outdoor terrace is not sheltered, it needs to withstand the test of the sun and rain for a long time, so the floor covering and outdoor furniture must be made of waterproof, anti-corrosion, and durable functional materials. The best choice is both practical and aesthetic.

Generally speaking, laying tiles, anticorrosive wood or plastic wood (combination of wood material and plastic) on the terrace floor are common choices.

The anticorrosive wood floor has the functions of waterproof, mothproof and mildew proof. The texture is fresh and simple, natural and full of vitality. It can achieve a very natural visual effect when used on the terrace.

The use of plastic wood has also begun to spread in the outdoor environment. This material has the texture and texture of natural wood, which can better reflect the advantages of strong water absorption, insect resistance, easy installation and maintenance, so it is favored by many designers.

In addition, using whole-body bricks, bluestone slabs, pebbles, granite and other stones as the terrace ground can also bring a completely different aesthetic feeling to the outdoor landscape.

As it will be affected by bad weather, it is best to choose furniture that is waterproof and sun resistant, durable and not easily deformed.

The composition structure of some outdoor split sofas is very suitable, such as this type of sofa with a wooden structure with a storage bottom and soft cushions and cushions, which not only prolongs the service life, but also ensures a comfortable sitting feeling. In case of rainy weather, just push the cushions and cushions directly into the bottom.

For seats, in order to avoid the burden of transportation, metasequoia, pine wood and rattan furniture can be used. These materials retain the simple and natural characteristics, giving people a back-to-nature feeling, and have an extra long to withstand wind and sun. life;

Lightweight metal furniture is also more able to withstand outdoor weather, with simple lines and changeable shapes, which can meet modern aesthetics.