How to use and maintain the rattan outdoor hanging basket


The rattan outdoor hanging basket is woven from Indones […]

The rattan outdoor hanging basket is woven from Indonesian rattan, exquisitely handcrafted and reliable in quality. The rattan hanging basket swing is more and more popular. If it is placed on the balcony, the leisure courtyard or the bedroom, it is suitable for you to enjoy the childlike innocence. Life, then how to use and maintain the rattan outdoor hanging basket?

1. Avoid direct sunlight

The ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the rattan degenerate and brittle, and long-term sunlight will make the white rattan furniture yellow, make the brown-red shiny red rattan furniture partially fade, and make the expensive bamboo and rattan furniture dry, rattan sofa manufacturer loose and take off. . Therefore, it is very important to avoid direct sunlight in spring, summer and autumn. May wish to use translucent white tulle curtains to block direct sunlight to protect the rattan furniture without affecting the indoor lighting.
2. Avoid getting close to fire and heat sources
In the north, radiators for heating in winter are the enemy of rattan furniture. If you place the rattan seat close to the radiator for about a month, you will find that the rattan at the close part is dry and brittle, the toughness becomes poor, and it is difficult to recover, and the part stuck with natural glue is far away. Therefore, remember that rattan products should not be close to fire and heat sources.

3. Keep ventilated
The cross section of the rattan is covered with tight ducts, so rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of water. But if it absorbs too much water, the furniture will become soft, loosely laid out, and the plane sagging, and the woven mesh will cause mildew. Therefore, if you are in the south, especially during the rainy season, the ventilation of rattan furniture is extremely tight. On a sunny day, the furniture should be cleaned and moved to a place with draughts to "dry", so as to avoid mildew and keep it dry. Don't ask for "dryness" earnestly. Lift it to a place exposed to direct sunlight. The contrast between the tide and the dry will cause the rattan to quickly deform and even crack.

4. Avoid damp deformation

The advantage of rattan furniture is that it is fixed to its original shape after being deformed by moisture. After drying or drying in the shade, it will still restore to its original shape and size. Therefore, when rattan furniture is damp and sags, it is necessary to find a way to reduce its load, support it wonderfully and symmetrically, and keep it in its original weave shape to prevent gap deformation.

5. Mothproof

What should I do when there are signs of moth-eaten on the rattan furniture? The pepper noodles or hot pepper noodles can kill insects and prevent moths, and it does not harm the rattan. Combine half of Chinese pepper and half of fine salt, stir-fry, grind, stuff into boreholes, and then wrap the bored noodles with plastic cloth or a small plastic bag to keep the smell from leaking. Switching to hot chili noodles is the same operation method. After 24 hours of sealing and killing insects, untie the plastic sheet and partially flush the moth surface with boiling water to kill the remaining silverfish. Drying with a soft towel after the emergency can prevent the spread of insects.