How to match Chinese furniture? How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese furniture?


Chinese-style furniture is based on the color and textu […]

Chinese-style furniture is based on the color and texture of warm yellow as the main color, creating a simple atmosphere commensurate with natural green plants and ceramic incense burners. Chinese furniture is an excellent accessory. Not only does it have a practical partition function, but you can also try a cool bamboo radiator to create a sense of space with Zen. China's pure household materials usually use large amounts of wood. Suitable for large families. When choosing Chinese-style furniture, small households should be as simple as possible, minimize the area of ​​wood, and use cloth and other soft decorations to achieve the purpose of style harmony.

The shape and color of Chinese furniture are eye-catching. If the owner does not want to change the original modern sense, but only wants to use Chinese-style furniture to complete the decoration, then the number of indoor Chinese-style furniture will not be too much. You don’t have to buy a set of furniture. Just choose one or two.

Due to the unique characteristics of wood texture, carved patterns and colors of Chinese furniture, it is mainly in harmony with modern decoration in the industry. Pay attention to the lighting, the treatment of the ground and the walls. Choose garden furniture outdoor and wall colors. Try to choose lighter colors to complement the retro taste of Chinese furniture.

How to distinguish the pros and cons of Chinese furniture?

1. Look at the styling

Look from the front, the side, the back, and all directions, so that you can concentrate on it without being disturbed by the outside world. See whether its overall proportions are harmonious, whether the overall proportions are coordinated with the parts, and the proportions between the parts and the parts are coordinated. See if its lines are smooth and powerful, and try to feel its charm.

2. Look at the craftsmanship

Check if any components (especially the back plate, brain and articulated sticks) have defects that are difficult to grasp during the manufacturing process. This requires an understanding of the characteristics of each component. Check whether the mortise and mortise structure are tight, and whether the transmission of each component is seamless. After weighing, the density of solid wood furniture is higher, even if the water content is controlled during processing, solid wood furniture of the same size will be heavier.

3. Exploring lines

Make sure that the furniture carving is clean and tidy, and the lines are clear and smooth. Observe the grain carefully to see if the trend is clear and the texture is beautiful. The grain layout of each component cannot be ignored: it is reasonable to make the grains consistent and have constant changes; higher grain contrast seems to be a patchwork problem.

4. Smell clear and turbid
You can use the smell to determine whether the moisture content of the wood meets the standard. If it smells sour and musty, it means that the wood has not been properly dried or has been damp due to improper storage. You can also judge the advantages and disadvantages of varnishes by the fragrance. The high-quality natural varnish has a slight odor and retains the original taste of the wood to a great extent.