How to maintain solid wood outdoor furniture


Solid wood outdoor furniture is usually made of Burmese […]

Solid wood outdoor furniture is usually made of Burmese teak, golden grapefruit, pineapple grid, camphor wood, begonia wood and other materials. After multiple production processes, it is sprayed with outdoor special PU paint or outdoor special wood wax oil. During our use, regular maintenance will extend the service life of solid wood outdoor furniture, so how to maintain solid wood outdoor furniture?

1. Solid wood outdoor furniture is cleaned and dusted every day
Outdoor houses are usually used outdoors, so the accumulation of dust and air pollutants is inevitable. In order to avoid fungal infection, it should be sprayed on the surface of solid outdoor furniture with a moderate concentration of alcohol every day, then dry it, patio furniture manufacturer and then wipe it with a soft cloth.
2. Regularly check screws and other installation accessories for solid wood outdoor furniture

When disassembling solid wood outdoor furniture, please make sure that the screws are not loose; if the screws are loose, please use tools to lock them regularly to increase the number of holes, and do not damage the structure. The rubber particles on the feet of tables and chairs that contact the ground are also important. When worn, it should be replaced in time to avoid ground fungus.
Three, solid wood outdoor furniture is regularly sterilized and applied to outdoor solid wood special wax oil

Due to the specific environment in which solid wood outdoor furniture is used, fungal parasitic surfaces will inevitably appear during certain uses, so the fungus must be treated and removed regularly. Clean the surface, use 500# or above fine sandpaper to dry and polish with fine sandpaper, wipe the wood ash with fine-haired sandpaper, and then use a soft cloth to remove the wood wax oil by hand. Wipe and apply to sturdy outdoor furniture.