The Popular Trend Of Sofa Set

1, rattan sofa black and white create fashion dynamic color law: tensile level of pursuit of dynamic use of more simple collocation techniques, the use of black, white, red sharp contrast, the living room level stretched out, with three of the most distinct colors to form a strong visual contrast. Choose more pure color, can increase the visual impact, but also create a new trend of fashion sense. By the color of the package and carpets, decorations, wall clocks, metope echoes, so that the original simple decorative method is not simple, but also full of vitality. This collocation is most suitable for the simple style of the small living room, bright color contrast can focus on the decoration, and weaken the original small living room area.

2, neutral tone sofa freehand charm warm fashion color law: The purity of different overall coordination of the dark sofa in collocation, should choose a lighter color. and consider choosing a proximity or similar color, so that the combination looks more coordinated. In order to avoid monotonous, can choose to have the pattern, has the change the similar color to rely on the package. This looks not only lively, but also more fashionable. The sofa is a darker purple-brown, and it has a certain degree of difficulty in matching the package. Choose the same color of the purple color by package collocation, make the overall style more feminine, also get rid of the past dark sofa dull feeling.

3, single sofa to create Linong moist corner color rule: Similar induction soft visual advanced light gray, can be and any color with the basic color, want to create a soft and comfortable environment, you can choose the low purity of the warm tones by package to match. Warm tones can enhance the indoor warmth index, while the appropriate medium-gray degree can alleviate visual fatigue. In the color ratio should be noted that although warm colors can be warmer environment, but excessive use can cause "hot" mentality. If you want to create a soft and comfortable environment, it is recommended that you do not use a large amount of strongly saturated warm colors, but instead replace the gray color with a certain gray component. The big face of the Gray will also produce a dull feeling, anyway to give this space to leave some white, so that the eyes can "breathe". Collocation Essentials: Soft light source uniform style fabric single sofa and cotton linen texture by package gives people a comfortable and relaxed feeling.