The Industry Standard Of Sofa

Sofa is the furniture products in the bulk of consumer goods, a wide range. This standard is the revision of the Kb t1952 Standard, the main change compared with the original standard is as follows:

1, Product Classification: This standard on the product classification is mainly based on the seat of elastic materials, coated fabrics and the use of functional classification.

2, the main size requirements: This standard on the main size of the product in front of the seat width and the depth of the reservation, to the front and back height of the size of the corresponding adjustment changes, and remove the height of the handrail and the size of the size of the deviation requirements.

3, the material requirements: Shan. Product appearance should be consistent with the logo; Shan. The internal materials of the product shall not be provided with bark; the moisture content of wood should not be higher than the annual average water content of the product area, the original regulation is +1%. In the standard Appendix B (normative appendix), the value of wood balance water content in China is added as the basis for product evaluation. Shan. For textile fabrics, leather and artificial leather and other materials to increase the dry rubbing color fastness ≥ 4.

4, Mechanical performance requirements: This standard mechanical performance test according to the uniform seat back durability classification requirements (the original standard according to the type of sofa elastic durability requirements), that is, durability should be passed: A-level 60,000 times, B-class 40,000 times and C-level 20,000 times. The amount of back looseness, the momentum of the armrest and the amount of compression were adjusted accordingly.

5, flame-retardant requirements: Take into account the product development trend, reduce the personal harm.

6, Test results evaluation: Product inspection is divided into type inspection and factory inspection. The results of the test are as follows: Top Quality (High-Class product), class (Grade B), qualified goods (grade C) and unqualified products.