World outdoor furniture trends in 2018

Outdoor furniture, as a family category with a beautifying home atmosphere, leading the fashion life and having the potential for development, should not be simply understood as furniture placed outdoors. In addition to its powerful functions to adapt to harsh outdoor conditions, outdoor furniture also gives people Life brings a leisure, free and comfortable atmosphere.

Outdoor furniture (also known as garden furniture), as a manifestation of a high-quality lifestyle, occupies a growing proportion in the furniture industry. In Cologne, Germany, Paris, France, Milan, Italy, each year, a professional outdoor furniture products exhibition, exhibiting outdoor furniture products and outdoor products from various countries and regions. With the improvement of people's quality of life, garden furniture, which reflects the lifestyle of European and American countries, has been accepted by more people. Under the pressure of fast-paced urban work and life, it is a fashion that reflects people's closeness to nature and enjoys a leisurely “slow rhythm” lifestyle. As a result, the boundaries of outdoor furniture are gradually blurred and begin to enter the room from the outdoors. Artistic, personalized and functional furniture products are becoming an important component of the pastoral, landscape and interior, and are also essential tools for open or semi-open spaces. Outdoor furniture, as a new fashion in furniture products, embodies leisure, relaxation, and close to nature's pursuit of life, and is gradually entering the ordinary people's home.

Pay more attention to high-quality life situation experience

With the advent of the global experience economy, outdoor furniture has fully satisfied the demand for high-quality outdoor “slow life experience” for leisure and relaxation, and this has become the common value pursuit of major manufacturers.

Comfort, randomness, security, relaxation, fun, and entertainment become the core of the “slow life experience” design, which conveys emotional care through product experience and situational experience, and creates affinity between outdoor furniture and users.

Pay more attention to the functional performance of outdoor furniture

Because outdoor life is limited by various conditions, it is easy to store, easy to fold, modular, lightweight, mobile, multi-functional, and combineable outdoor furniture will become a big selling point and more popular in the market.