What kind of office sofa do you prefer?

Choose the Office sofa first to choose is the material, now used as the sofa material has leather class, leather class, Cloth art class three kinds. According to the price of the most expensive leather sofa, tens of thousands of to a hundred thousand of of the price have; then is the fabric sofa, the surface with high-quality fabrics made, the price of thousands of yuan, some exquisite workmanship may be tens of thousands; the cheapest is the leather sofa, the price is generally between 2000 to 5,000. Leather sofa refers to the leather sofa, generally has pigskin, cowhide, elephant skin, such as leather, the texture of soft, breathable good has a strong resilience, and very long wear-resisting life. Fabric sofa used material is cloth, generally has nylon, linen, fiber cloth, flannel and so on, fabric sofa style fashion, color, and clean up more convenient. Leather sofa used is made of artificial leather, texture has a slight hardness, poor permeability, sturdiness depends on the density of the material and the size of the pin, generally configurable sofa mat to avoid direct friction.

The above three kinds of sofa price range and material characteristics are explained, three kinds can be used for office sofas, the key to see their own needs type, there are actual price expectations, can choose, yali furniture Manufacturers in this proposal, office space can choose leather or fabric, because the leather sofa appears to be more atmospheric, in line with the company's atmosphere, design advertising companies can choose fabric sofa, stylish and beautiful can mobilize the atmosphere of creativity, can fit the company's own style.