What is the difference between imitation rattan furniture and real rattan furniture?

1, imitation rattan rattan table and chairs, imitation rattan furniture is not afraid of the sun, not afraid of washing, strong, more suitable than the rattan tables and chairs dry climate, no deformation, no crack, and cheaper prices.

2, compared with cloth, leather furniture. Imitation rattan furniture will add a bit cool to you, imitation rattan furniture will give people a more thorough, cool, and natural hearty atmosphere.

3, no special maintenance, imitation rattan furniture is very good flexibility, good color stability, color can be maintained for a long time, easy to clean, environmental protection. Whether it's in the outdoor or indoor, it doesn't matter if it's in rainy weather, when it's hot, or when it's cold. True rattan furniture is made of rattan or rattan wood. Rattan furniture is made of metal frame + plastic rattan weave. True rattan is equivalent to solid wood furniture, and some synthetic materials are imitated. Real rattan furniture is flexible, breathable, natural texture, feel fresh, comfortable and unique, easy to mold for a long time, raw worms imitating rattan usually use the general tree processing to produce the summer can also be used as rattan chair, rattan furniture Generally used outdoors, it can be sun and rain