The magical effect of rattan furniture

Rattan furniture and wooden furniture are the darlings of outdoor furniture. Introducing these garden furniture, which is traditionally used outdoors, into the interior, enjoying the joy of outdoor recreation at any time.

Bringing the outdoor courtyard view into the living room, the rattan lounge chair is the focal point of the living room. The rattan coffee table and the rattan cushion match each other, bringing people's thoughts into the woods and breathing fresh air.

Natural view from the corner of the balcony

The outdoor rattan sofa, rattan seat, and rattan basket are moved indoors, and a corner is opened on the balcony to create an indoor courtyard view. The green bag, the carpet and the apple pattern curtain, the table lamp, add space to this place. A lot of fresh atmosphere.

Rattan hollow sofa

The rattan hollowing effect makes this outdoor sofa full of charm, and the white cushion is contrasted with the red bag and the dark rattan sofa. The comfortable and casual atmosphere is formed.

Tent leisure sofa made of grass and rattan

The tents and leisure sofas made by grass and rattan are moved indoors, with white tables and sky-blue lounge chairs to create an indoor courtyard effect.

Chic wicker chair

The chic wicker chair is the key to space creation. The contrast between the rattan chair and the wall color creates a visual impact and deepens the space.

Wooden folding chair creates a casual corner under the sloping roof

If the space is not large, you can choose a foldable wooden seat, coffee table, green plant to join, can also create a leisurely indoor space.

Laminated wooden lounge chair

The cascading wooden lounge chair is modeled after the spine skeleton, and the wooden frame is superimposed on the formed frame to form a curved surface. White blankets can be placed to reduce the stiff touch and easily eliminate the tiredness of everyday life.