The knowledge of purchasing furniture

Furniture color: In the purchase of furniture to consider the color of the room, light room, suitable for collocation style novel, lighter furniture, such collocation can give a refreshing, crisp feeling, is the first choice for young people. Elderly people generally like quiet, self-cultivation, so the elderly choose the color of furniture is generally darker, light-colored furniture suitable for small rooms, because in collocation can give people a visual illusion, feel the room is bigger. The darker furniture is more suitable for larger rooms. And with light-colored walls, this can highlight the furniture, reduce the room open feeling.

Select the combination of furniture tips

See: Put the whole set of furniture on the same plane, to the overall bright and shiny, no obvious color difference, paint uniformity is better.

Touch: The hands split open, carefully touched the main surface of the furniture, there is no uplift and dents of paint.

Measurement: Using a ruler to measure the diagonal of the cabinet, if every a pieces of furniture diagonal are equal, then the four corners of the furniture is right angle. Put such furniture together, there will be no fine seam.

Quality Checks

When choosing the quality of the furniture, to see from the whole, look at its symmetrical parts (especially the door of the bedroom frame) or other materials, the direction of the texture is not similar or consistent, the surface of the film is not uniform, hard full, smooth and sleek, color consistent, feel smooth smooth.